Shark Bay, Western Australia
Dog friendly beach

Pet Policy

Denham Seaside Caravan Park has year round pet friendly Camping Sites (subject to availability)

Pet Owners are required to notify staff of their furry friends upon booking. As well as sign and adhere to the Pet Policy whist staying in the Park.

Please note pets on sites only NOT in any accommodation or on verandahs.

Maximum of 2 Dogs per site. 


Denham Seaside Pet Policy:

Our biggest concern with pet owners:

• Adhering to our pet policy.

• Picking up their pets poo.

• Keeping their pets on a leash.

• Leaving their pets unattended.

• Not respecting other guests or our staff.


So we can continue to take pets on sites please carefully read, tick and sign this document.

  • I, the pets owner, will respect the Park and all its guests and staff.
  • I will not leave my pets unattended on the site at any time.
  • I will consider other guests by keeping my pets quiet at all times.
  • I will pick up after my pets and leave the site clean for the next guest and pets.
  • My pets will be on a short leash at all times no more than 2 metres in length.
  • I will not take my pets into any buildings, reception, common areas or playground.
  • My pets will not enter the ensuite (if staying on an ensuite site).
  • I will not wash the pet’s bedding or accessories in the laundry, chalets or ensuites.
  • My pets will not enter any accommodation at any time or onto the verandahs.
  • I will exercise my pet on the beach and out of the park.


• Management reserves the right to terminate occupancy (NO REFUNDS) where breaches of the pet rules occur.


I, the pet owner, agree to pay for any claim of compensation in relation to my pet dog/dog’s activities. I understand my responsibilities as a pet owner and acknowledge I have received a copy of the Denham Seaside Caravan Park pet rules and will abide by them.